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Vera finally sat down too, watching Sasha go to the door in search of his shorts.
Faith again sat in the lotus position, while her pussy made a bubbling sound and even more flowed from it. I untied the bow on Vera’s back while she unhooked the garters of her stockings, helped to unlace them, after which she took off the corset over her head.
Today I decided to keep an intimate diary. In iPhone. Igor, for nothing, that the son of the head of the corporation, in computers, no boom boom. Then, in my old age, I read, maybe menopause will come later.
The next step was the most grandiose in this whole incredible story. I was ordered to lie down on the sofa, and immediately my mother sat down with her pussy on my mouth, and Lena …. Lena took a rubber mallet and began to beat furiously on my balls. I screamed in pain.
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And Rita also picked up: «Fuck this bitch, fuck my sister so that she screams to sit on you herself, cum in her, drive sperm into her cunt so she can’t walk, let me help your dick and her cunt.»
— Where is the water? I want to drink. I asked.
After sitting for another ten minutes, I threw on my jacket and went home. It was already dark outside, and the neighbors did not see me so tear-stained and rumpled. I walked slowly without raising my head, feeling his sperm inside me, which flowed onto my underpants, creating a not very pleasant feeling between my legs. In the morning my husband arrived, and apologizing for what happened, took me home. I began to forget everything that happened to me, but after a few weeks I had to remember this nightmare when the doctor said that I was pregnant, and the period exactly coincided with the time of this event.