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Girls, it’s my birthday soon! Let’s have a bachelorette party at my house. My parents will leave for the country, and we will get together and invite our Sanka! You wouldn’t mind joining our company, would you?
Me Sasha.
“Great, then it’s decided. Will you go with me.»
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After breakfast, the robber quickly hit the road. Eldas was never able to find a fresh source of water. Darg dozed on the straw. Eldas was sleeping nearby. Dasal was examining a map he himself had drawn during his many travels. Oravan drove the wagon. Gorr sharpened arrowheads. Naza was crying and holding on to her holes, which hurt like hell. Ylva lay between her legs and, embarrassed, blew on her cellmate’s vagina to make her feel a little better. Rarra stood near the exit from her cage and looked at the loving look of the big man Gorr. The forest was quiet. An hour later, it became less and less frequent, until the trees had not ended at all. The wagon drove across a large field. A small village was visible in the distance. Judging by the stench, the Pig Faces lived here. The wagon pulled up to the first houses and stopped.
She turned to face me, glaring at my lips, I picked up this angel in my arms and went into the room. The first thing I saw in the room was a table, I gently put her back on this table, continuing to cover her lips, chin, neck, shoulders with kisses, while taking off my bra. Lips slid down, the tongue climbed the hill of her left breast, outlining around the nipple, already hard with excitement. I sucked it in with my mouth and bit it slightly, which made my beauty arch and moan. A similar fate befell the second breast, after which the lips slid down the tummy kissing him, and the hands tightly squeezed the breasts. Reaching the edge of her panties, I kissed them, feeling the heat that was already burning in her and pulled them off her beautiful thighs. Kisses traveled down the hollow at the base of her leg. She writhed in my arms, trying to catch my lips with her neat pussy. But for a moment I dodged, she felt my breath, but my lips did not touch. She gently moaned «darling, please, I can’t take it anymore,» and in that moment, I relaxed my tongue and ran it over the labia from the base to the top, parting them with my tongue and finding her clitoris with its tip. The tip described a figure eight on it and I slightly pulled it into my mouth creating a vacuum. Fingers squeezed her nipples, twisting them slightly. From such caresses, convulsions went through her body. The tongue descended to her anus, and gently, but persistently, made circular and frictional movements.
It’s a shame that I gave them yelling, and they, well, somehow didn’t even try. I have never finished from Cooney.
He took my hand and led me into the house, led me into the hall and told me to take off my panties, and was not shy.