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Me — Do you often eavesdrop on us?)))
— You were born today. Sen repeated more calmly and very seriously. “You see… there is such a thing, the soul. Every rational being needs it, including you and me. You need it to be aware of yourself,” Sen bent her first finger. — to feel desires, to do magic, in order to… ah, hell, this is difficult. So don’t explain it right now. In short, you don’t have it, and I don’t. Our father is with you, he is a genius! He figured out how to do without a soul. More precisely, how to replace it with something larger. You have more than one soul! You have thousands of them! A father can disassemble someone else’s soul into components, bit by bit, don’t even ask how it’s done, I don’t know. From these cogs, he selects the best, strongest, most talented, passionate. Moreover, not only human souls are used for this, but also the souls of many other magical creatures, strong and powerful. And from these cogs, the father creates a perfect, strong, beautiful creation — a demon! Sen raised her hand in triumph. The demonic soul obtained as a result of such a merger is called Takultu. The demon is already a developed adult being, he does not need to go through the stage of childhood, like people or many other beings. Also, a huge amount of knowledge and skills have been laid in Takulta since birth. That’s just all this to be in the zhuu duck mess. It may take tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to realize, understand and learn how to use them. Sen rolled her eyes. “The more a demon merges with its tacultu, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. The most important thing that a demon needs to master tacult is passion! Passion is the main catalyst for our development. Passion makes us constantly discover new and new parts of our culture, as well as maintain the will to live for long millennia. Therefore, there is a lot of passion in each of us,” Sen said and unexpectedly squeezed me in her arms, pressed herself against her hair, sucked in air with her nose, bit the edge of my ear, licked my lips with her tongue, lowered her hand down and squeezed it on my ass, slightly digging into it with her claws, and began to bite her neck with her teeth, each time sinking lower. It all ended as suddenly as it began. Sen seemed to straighten herself up, put her hand on my shoulder and continued as if nothing had happened. — Passion can be different, passion is not only sex, but also the rapture of battle, power, exploration of the secrets of the world, enjoying delicious food, thrills, poetry and music!!! Self-control is of course also very important, but passion is more important. If you do not learn to control your own passion, then one day it will lead you to death, but if you limit yourself too much in your passion, you will never truly merge with your takultu and will not gain true power. If you resist your own passions, you will thereby destroy your very demonic essence and at some point you will simply die, instantly! One and you’re dead! — Sen pretended to stick something in her heart, tilted her head to the side and stuck out her tongue, then continued. “That is why I am here. Any demon on his birthday is in great turmoil, and can make the most terrible and last mistake in his life — to begin to resist his own passion. Thus, a newborn demon can kill itself. At first everything went well, but then … In general, this is exactly what you almost did to yourself … I had to intervene. The father has been collecting souls for the birth of each of us for many years, so the loss of each brother or sister is a tragedy. I’m very glad you’re still alive! Sen smiled broadly and hugged my shoulders tightly. You are very passionate! And that is how it should continue to be! Now that you have learned everything, your main task is to do whatever you want! Within reason and beyond! With one single limitation. You can’t leave hell just yet. But don’t worry! We in hell have everything a young growing demon needs! Whatever you want, father’s powers are incredible, he will create for you any reality you want and fulfill your every whim here in hell, so you can order to the fullest! What seems like memories to you is actually the part of your cult that you feel. Gradually, as you merge with your tacult, you yourself will understand everything. For now, just keep this in mind. Any contact with a tacult, or a memory, if you want to call it that, is a good sign. If you suddenly suddenly feel that you just know something, or suddenly learn to do something that you have never done before, then a new part of the takult has merged with you. And it’s great! And you can simply ignore all sorts of meaningless flashes of thoughts in your mind and certainly don’t worry about them. Perhaps you will understand their purpose in another thousand years, until you need them. Now just give in to your passion. It’s best to fuck more!
I’m sorry, I’d better go to bed.
[url=love-girls24.com]click at this page.[/url]. Suck bitch! I commanded her, but she only silently looked at me. I gave her another slap in the face, which made the stepmother open her mouth a little. I immediately stuck my dick in him. Despite the fact that she tried to push me away, I started fucking her mouth. At first, not deep, then deeper and deeper, from which Tanya began to choke. Then I picked it up. She called me a jerk and pushed me hard, demanding to let her go. I grabbed her hand and pulled her behind her back.
I focused on my feelings, and now the end of sliding has come. He sprinkled the cave with life-giving juice, waited until the pressure in the hose subsided and he fell off, slipping out of the pipe, and fell off full. Mother-in-law stood doggystyle for a while, slid off the sofa, and just like that, without even wiping herself, she began to pull on her pants. I’m in a hurry that it’s time to go. So let’s go, who are we waiting for?
Washed up, I returned and proceeded to what, in fact, I came to Oleg for.
Honey, don’t forget to cook dinner. I will soon, and her silvery laugh faded away.
She did not stop asking about everything and everyone, from time to time she told how he was at his new job and what difficulties she had because of the divorce. Over time, she got a little tipsy, began to joke and laugh, forgot all her worries, and even from time to time she put her hand on my knees, just like me, did not hesitate to stroke her knee and even part of her thigh …
Ira just nodded her head, and wild lights ran in her eyes. Her girl is already wet, her nipples have risen. They went to the dressing room, past Misha (Misha is her husband), talking about the show of the dress, and as soon as the door slammed shut behind them, Victor attacked her like a beast. Animal passion had already overwhelmed his mind. Lubricant was oozing out of his cock clenched in his trousers, he wanted to take possession of his Ira. But at the same time, he wanted to feel every cell of her body. With a passionate kiss, he ran his tongue over her lips, found her tongue, sucked a little of it and moved on. Neck, how divine she is. He likes her smell, not the smell of perfume, but the smell of her body. He wanted to taste her. Her beautiful rearing breasts with alluring nipples just begged for his mouth. Biting and licking them, he went down below. Ira has a sensual and silky belly. She was already shaking with passion and the knowledge that behind the wall is an unsuspecting husband who is peacefully watching TV.