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He did not open his eyes for five minutes, and then said: «I have never experienced SUCH! You are just super!»…
The woman got up.
Are you going to go like this?
— Please, please! she howled even louder, but the empty night park absorbed her yelling, and I made a short pause. She should be even more frightened, and I should be turned on by her helplessness. Now she looked at me in shock with her blue eyes like a cornered puppy.
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Anya just whispered:
Are you just thinking about it now?
Come hereaaaaaahhh! Vera abruptly stopped kissing me and patted the bed on the other side.
«Inna, why are you so far away from the village. Look at Rita!» she moved, but did not press. I showed a video with Rita and Inna.
She, without further ado, turned her back to me, leaned heavily and spread her buttocks with her hands. I saw her chubby halves and the anus, darkened from the poop that had passed through it for 37 years, as well as her large labia.