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He put me in different positions and as if he couldn’t get enough, I don’t know how long it lasted, but after such violent sex there was no strength. Potov, looking at the clock, I saw that I had already hurried home to my husband. My husband met me at the door, I didn’t even have time to say anything, as he pounced and took me without words, harshly and passionately. I’ve never had anything like this before, two beautiful lovers and almost immediately. My head was spinning with excitement and pleasure. This was the first night I cheated on my husband with his permission and consent.
And then what the hell is a dream, judging by the twitching of my naked and not quite sober wife, he, of course, is happy to try to pester her, since we are under the same blanket, and no clothes and no barriers for pestering, all erogenous zones on the nipples, navel, Lyudmilka’s pubis, completely open, not covered by anything for harassment.
Not??? Well, then I won’t — I was feignedly upset.
[url=love-girls24.com]link.[/url]. Katya looked at me with surprised eyes, then grinned and said:
Well, with this joy, I brewed good, strong coffee, and with cognac and a cigarette, we began to savor it. Well, conduct conversations, almost small talk. About everything and nothing. Gradually, and to the topic of sex slipped. I said that after such an event it would be nice to have a man to cuddle, crush a little, clean out what was overgrown with cobwebs. Well, it would bring, so to speak, a little pleasure. Olya agreed to a lot, but that’s where to get him, the peasant. Normal in place and no one will share, but not normal and not needed for nothing.
Everyone has moments in life about which not only to tell, often you don’t want to remember yourself. Sometimes out of embarrassment, sometimes out of shame. But mostly due to upbringing. Such skeletons fill the closet from youth. At first, the fact of masturbation is often hidden. This is probably the majority. And then … as anyone. For me, too, like everyone else. Masturbation is a taboo, probably up to 25 years old. That was the first time my first wife caught me doing it. There was also a moment in my life about which no one heard from me at all … Now, having lived for 43 years, I understand that everyone has such skeletons. My wife is no exception. Furthermore. With her humble upbringing, there are more of them than others.
Here and the heat of the steam and shame for their behavior and pleasant fatigue, and even … began to feel a little excitement. Here I am naked, among two healthy, self-confident guys, lying naked and enjoying their skillful movements. After we went to the rest room, one of the guys with a girlfriend went outside, and I, feeling tired, lay down on the sofa.
Natasha, who was lying nearby, felt the «seismic» activity happening from the side with her whole body. Watching the grimaces of pleasure on her friend’s face, she nobly gave her enough time to feel Artyom’s cock. Finally her patience was over: «Honey, my pussy wants to fuck too!» The guy, considering the request completely fair, switched to Natasha. So he continued, periodically changing holes. And the girls looked at each other and fervently rejoiced at what was happening.