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— It can’t be, you just thought of it, you are a big inventor.
And here it is the finale — he suddenly twitched and let a jet right in her face!
I lay down on top. Our legs intertwined and I continued to fuck her. He dug his lips into his neck. With one hand, caressing her breasts, with the other, pressing this young body to her.
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Wow! How many and how deep! – admired Liza – and you are not afraid?
Lenochka also came, she lived with her friends in a private apartment. A modest and well-mannered girl, I immediately liked her very much. I thought she was a virgin, before the wedding we had nothing with her. But she surprised me already on the wedding night not by the fact that her vagina was well developed, but by the sexual experience that was felt in the fact that she was not shy about anything, she waved very skillfully, taught me what to do to give her pleasure. I tried to ask her about it, but learned practically nothing.
You are a fool, Irka. Complete fool. I’m not that hungry. Yes, you are exactly a cake. So I want to take a bite.
Slava suddenly saw faces familiar to him, at the end of the park, under a lantern, his old friends were sitting. Kostya, Stas, Dima and some girl. She was sitting next to Stas, it was clear that they were together. They greeted each other, after talking a little, the guys called in their company for a drink. He refused because he did not want to spoil the evening, but he remained in the company. Soon Stas and his girl decided to go for a walk alone. It is noteworthy that exactly where everyone knew there is a place where you can hide from prying eyes and do whatever you want. Everyone understood everything, after seeing them off, they began to discuss their «male» topics. Everyone said what they thought of the guys. They got a little drunk and started talking about cars, about how they drank on the black last week and about girls. Kostya talked about how he slept with a girl whom he knew for five minutes, about the fact that this was his night and stuff like that. Dima began to tell that he was sucked off by a common friend of theirs when they were sitting in a local cinema. Slava understood that everyone embellishes their story. When it was his turn, he thought: «Is it worth telling how he finished Irka today, or to tell something about which they have no idea that someone can tell.» Deciding that he can tell you without names, of course, he began: