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“I see you have changed, I see for the better and it’s good, otherwise you went around like a fool, you were afraid of every rustle,” Slava said, wondering how sex can change a person.
Well, before that, I thought more about you. She laughed and I went to the bathroom.
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This moment, or rather its threshold, as it seemed to me, stretched out for eternity. But he came. We both stopped, mom still promised and masturbated her aggregate, then after a few seconds she squeezed her sticky fingers under her head, her cock twitched and began to spew warm love juice. White as the first snow. The first, moderately powerful jet hit my mother in the face and chest, which she obviously liked — she began to lick her lips instantly, and the seed flowed down her chin. The second jet, she prudently, literally reading my desire, sent me into my mouth. There was so much seed that it flooded my entire face and torso. When the seed hit my face, I felt how I blushed, and how warm I felt, both in my soul, and literally, because her sperm was still in warm testicles. The last jets poured low pressure and flooded her entire pubis, balls and trunk. A little after that, my cock also began to erupt, and I abundantly filled the mother’s insides with my seed. This beautiful moment of the first ejaculation with a loved one is heaven on earth. My mother is heaven on earth, now I am convinced of this again. I, already giving a damn about everything, breathing heavily, like my mother, in her warm white juice, with a pure and full heart of love, I tell her:
«Even if they kiss me with my panties down?»
The next day after that call, the following happened to me:
Irka, don’t take sin upon your soul. I’m going to screw up here!