острые козырьки 4 серия смотреть

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    Родственная история бандитов, деяния которой организовывается на беспредельных преулках Бирмингема после Первой мировой войны
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    Томас Шелби и его родня заведуют самой темной и могучей обетающей в этих краях бандой «Острые козырьки», они извлекают прибыль на противозаконных ставках, защите и скрытом рынке.


    “Imagine, Slava, I fucked Vika the same day, she built everything out of herself, you know, but in fact there was a virgin,” Ivan began his story. — We went to that place, at the beginning of the city, you remember I said that I saw that our friend Vitka was fucking some kind of whore there every week. It’s really a no-nonsense place. And in the end, she herself offered a blowjob, and then I was already between her legs. Uff, I will repeat soon, — Ivan finished his story.
    His imperious eyes did not leave me, he unzipped his fly and took out his friend. From the size of his manhood, I literally salivated. I already imagined how he has me in his mouth with this giant. I knelt down in front of him, pleading eyes asked not to deny me pleasure. He put two fingers in my mouth, lubricated the head of his penis with them, and then began to drive them over my lips. My tongue involuntarily pulled out to lick, to taste it. Here he stopped and, as it were, allowed me to continue to act on my own.
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    She crawled under the covers with her hand and firmly grabbed my penis. He, as I noticed just now, was in an excited state.
    Now I live in the Leningrad Region, on the Karelian Isthmus, near the Finnish border. I have two whole houses of my own — one for myself, one for guests (the buildings are nearby). The «guest» house is almost constantly busy — people come to me from all over the country. They call themselves my students, but I myself consider them just friends. Friends who need help and whom I want and can help.
    The goat is old! If I could ask, I would give it myself.


    You undress me so.
    Everyone wanted. The boss handed over the remote. I was again turned around to face the men. One of them hurriedly unzipped his fly. Another, ineptly and nervously, pressed the buttons. The boss patted me on the cheek.
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    Let me take you?
    And here is a New Year’s surprise at eight o’clock in the evening a knock on the door! Oleg and Vitya came with their wives, they have been family men for half a year. Still, we are already 23 years old, and Natasha and Rita are 20 years old. After noisy hugs, kisses and congratulations, we sat at such an excellent table, the girls cooked the same and brought it with them. It was a wonderful New Year’s Eve evening. Soon everyone, except me, got very drunk, we poisoned jokes of a very frivolous content, danced in the next room to wonderful music, «Melodies and rhythms of foreign pop music» were on TV.
    — You quickly, were you somewhere nearby?


    Let’s stay alone — he suggested.
    On the street, I, still not thawed, was picked up by a rather shabby little man, right out of his jeep. I sat down to him, it seems only because there were 100 meters left to the Boy. I dragged him to a restaurant, gave him a drink, fed him, decided that he would dance. Well, in general, she allowed herself to be dragged to the hotel, where she was and danced. It turned out to be small, of course, there was no desire to even take it in my mouth, but I still got an orgasm with the help of my fingers.
    «How do you?»
    He felt the warmth spread through his body with incredible speed, as the width of his trousers prevented his cock from escaping. He seated the girl in front of him, sitting as comfortably as possible in the chair, and finally freed himself. He grabbed her hair tightly and shoved his cock as deep into her mouth as possible. Tears flowed from her eyes again, tears of pleasure. He was so hot, so big, she licked the head of his cock, his lube was like a breath of air. And now the girl herself, enjoying what was happening, took it completely. His breathing became more rapid every second, he moved forward and forward. An unusual feeling covered him completely, it spread all over his body with goosebumps and tingling. Consciousness was so clouded that he did not even understand everything that was going on around him, although he hardly wanted to understand everything. She swallowed everything, to the last drop. If he was the one who devoured emotions, then she was the one who devoured him all. She completed her task*.
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    Overcoming my fear and shame, I swallowed a quarter of this pipe and began to greedily swallow the water that I lacked. Cool water filled my mouth and I swallowed a clear liquid loudly, that even this sound could be heard in the corridor. Tears flowed from her eyes: would Masha see me now? what would she say? Has the modest-looking girl really shown her «dark side»? Turning off the water, I sat for a long time with my «friend» in my mouth. The metal beak asked me to «take a sip» more, that I began to stupidly suck this prick without water, that I even began to get used to the metallic taste on my tongue a little.
    Somehow, in about 20 minutes I arrived, found out the number of the apartment, because I didn’t remember shit during the day and went up to the floor. When I entered the apartment, I wondered how everything would go on and how long I would be so stressed. But what makes my Anyuta so beautiful is her ability to understand what to do. A minute later, she did an unexpected and strange act, at first she asked, “Are you very worried?” I answered “yes” and she smiled, with the words “then let’s do it like this”, with a slight movement she pulled off her T-shirt, exposing a small amazing chest, and then dropped her sweatpants, pulled them off her feet with her legs and remained completely naked, barefoot and I swear to you she looked just amazing.
    Severe preparations began for a night trip to the sea for the sake of night sex in the warm waves of the Sea of \u200b\u200bAzov. Or Black. Depending on where I want to turn at the exit of the yards.
    Spring. It’s time to plant potatoes. The mother-in-law, for nothing that she lives alone, keeps cattle, which must be fed and fed. And what to feed? The stump is clear: potatoes. No wonder it is called the second bread. So he is gaining land unmeasured. At least it seemed to me that a hectare, no less. He took them all, planters, gardeners, with some seeds. All that at once will not drag my old UAZ, although some call it a pill, some a banana, and some a bench.


    The incident I want to talk about was my fault. My wife and I have lived for 20 years, and in sex everything has already become boring and practically did not exist. My wife was 40 years old, she had a good figure, she was beautiful and men looked at her. I understood that she wanted closeness, but I had already lost interest in her.
    — Anya, n …, but she suddenly leaned sharply in front and our lips met. I eagerly dug into her sensual mouth. He stuck his tongue between his teeth and we played with tongues. I kissed her lips, then smoothly descended on her neck and returned to her lips again. He broke away for a moment, but only to cover her face with kisses and pressed his lips again. Her hands slid up my back and I tightened my grip on her waist.
    «What do you want say I will do»
    Ira was the height of most girls at her age, of medium height, about the same as Slava, a brown-haired woman with chest-length hair, pretty in appearance. She was in a blue swimsuit with a rather large neckline, since her breasts were about the second size, and she was clearly proud of her, not being afraid to show her in such a swimsuit; buttocks were very beautiful, fit, as she never sat still.
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    “Stop, that’s enough for today, you already outplayed it.”
    It costs 200 for everyone. I leaned over and gently kissed her bright red lips. But for you, only 100.
    I got up, Sasha stood up and took a couple of steps back, giving me my place, lowering my wife’s panties torn about someone else’s cock, and without aiming, I immediately ended up where it was hot, very wide and wet.
    Kylie, take off your bra. I commanded and while the girl was doing this, I took off her panties.


    The whole head of the member and the area nearly was completely wet, slightly squeezing the member in the middle with two fingers of the right hand I saw and felt some more lubricant drops came out of the head. Understanding that a little more and I can’t stop — I just left everything as it was, I pulled my pants and staying in this incomprehensible condition went outdoor, it was definitely impossible at home …
    Well then, wait — I’ll take it out.
    No. answered Dasal, whose word was decisive. Oravan, move the wagon over there. To the elevation. And wake up Eldas, let him help set up camp. Gorr, shut up the shrew and come with us.
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    But at that moment, I had already plunged her cock into my mouth, without letting her finish. A pleasant, slightly salty, but incomparable taste filled my mouth. I absolutely did not know how to give a blowjob and tried very hard not to touch my teeth, plunging only half into myself, but at the same time trying to create a kind of vacuum and draw it into myself, as she did a few minutes ago.
    Lenochka put her head on my thigh and lay down with her knees bent and her legs thrown back to the sides. Volodya settled down between her legs and began to lick her slit. Lenochka lay at first calmly, then she began to twitch and moan.
    And Lena pulled her panties down. Taking off my panties, I saw Lena’s slightly overgrown, pink lips. Lena also sat down on my face from above, kneeling down, and I dutifully began to gently lick her large labia. After several movements of my tongue, I saw that Lena really liked it and began to go deeper with her tongue, caressing Lena’s small labia.

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