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After listening to this confession, obtained not under torture, but expressed quite voluntarily, he did not take risks. So we will perish in nature in the forest. Let’s go home. Now they were not going in circles, they were going straight ahead. Here it is, home. The guest accepted the offer to rinse in the shower. I told her that we have ticks in the forest and we should check to see if such an infection has stuck to the delicate body of the guest. I had already rested and was ready for new achievements, that’s why I suggested it. Right in my heart I turned it around and twisted it back and forth. He examined everything, touched in those places that caused doubts. And she decided to examine me. And also twisted, turned and touched. They were satisfied with the inspection and just like that, naked, moved into the house to continue a more thorough examination of the bodies for the presence of ticks. And already in the house came off in full.
Misha brought a pack of juice with cups and they quenched their thirst after hot sex. The red line has been crossed, now there is no time for antics. Sex to the fullest, to at least forget a little, thought Angelina.
«Inna, do you want to try? Rita likes it. It’s the same as sex, only with your mouth»
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I woke up with an alarm. The clock was 6:00. I needed to go to college. And my mother was supposed to come at 8:00. I looked at Olya sleeping next to me. She slept on her stomach and her naked ass stuck up in dried sperm. Member immediately jumped up, and I climbed on top of Olya. I spread my hands around her buttocks. She woke up but didn’t have time to say anything. How my cock entered her ass.
Well, thank you.
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