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ГЛАВНАЯ Форумы О форумах Здравожитие Ответ в теме: Здравожитие


Who are you waiting for?
Here I am holding… phew your passport. – turning the page – Oh! So that’s where you live, I should visit you.
Ah, so here’s the thing… I got it.
What do you want?..
[url=love-girls24.com]check this out.[/url]. Oh hello!
Coming out of the shower, she found him smoking on the balcony, still naked.
The girl shook her head.
I think you’re a fan of the dark forces. I also like to read all sorts of stories, although I’m scared and I read them slowly. And then I hide under the covers and it seems to me that there are a lot of different evil spirits there. So I’m dropping it.
Without stopping kissing, we moved towards the straightened bed. I let her out for a minute. He went to the door and turned the key in the keyhole. That’s it, now no one else will come in.
I told him that my mouth was a little tired and he lifted me up, turned my back to him, pulled out the cork and put a member to my flowing and oiled hole. He entered slowly, only at the end he sharply drove him to failure. I screamed out in pain. He apologized and froze, without moving, began to caress my neck and back. I relaxed to the end. He began to slowly move in me. He went out halfway and again quietly drove him back. After a while, I myself, without noticing it, planted myself on his penis. And he hit me harder and harder. Feelings were great. There are no words to describe how good I felt. My legs just gave way and if I had not rested against a tree, I would have fallen a long time ago. From his frictions inside it became warmer and warmer, I realized that I was about to finish and I started to finish. This orgasm was not like what happens after sex or just jerking off, this orgasm was a hundred times stronger. My sperm slowly flowed out in a thick trickle from my not erect penis, and the heat inside spilled even more. I just felt like I was about to lose consciousness, it hit me so hard. But then he stopped hammering me, came out of me and approached in front, pressed on my shoulders and again his cock entered my mouth. I couldn’t do anything anymore, my strength left me and all he had to do was just fuck my mouth, plant my head as he pleases. Drive him up to the very balls and beat him in the face. At that very moment, I felt like a slut, a downed whore, a nipple that you can always and everywhere. But I got high. I felt so good that if someone saw us at that moment and even recognized me, I would not care. That’s how good it was for me.